Links to Models

On this tab you find links to the different models used within the COMETS project. The models are provided by the ESY Models webpage where several energy models can be found.



ABMoS-DK (Agent Based Modal Shift-Denmark) is an agent-based model that analyzes the effects of transport policies on travelers’ behaviour for modal shift in the Danish national inland passenger transportation system. 

Danish Car Stock Model (DCSM)

Danish Car Stock Model (DCSM) is a simulation model composed of two core components; a socio-economic consumer choice model and a techno-economic CarSTOCK model.


SDMoS-DK (System Dynamics Modal Shift-Denmark) is a System Dynamics model that analyzes the modal share in the Danish national inland passenger transportation system.


TIMES-DK, the first Danish energy system model that includes the complete national energy system and covers investments over the entire modelling horizon (2050).