DTU Management Engineering

DTU Management Engineering has many years of experience conducting research on energy system analyses and analyzing various policy and socioeconomic scenarios with respect to energy and climate change. Senior Scientist Kenneth Karlsson (project leader) has extensive experience within modeling of local, regional and global scale energy systems including all sectors and will supervise the PhD (PhD 2) in WP2 called Development of advanced transport module to TIMES-DK. Senior scientist Marie Münster has 13 years of experience working with renewable energy, biofuels, optimization models and energy system analysis. She has experience with project management and PhD supervision and will be leading WP3 and supervising a PhD (PhD 3) in Pathways to a 100% RE based energy system in Denmark. Researcher Jay Gregg has experience with energy-economic global integrated assessment models and decision making frameworks and will Co-Lead the project. Professor Per Dannemand Andersen has 20 years of experience with energy STI policy development and, furthermore, he has extensive international experiences with participatory methods such as scenario development, road-mapping, and energy policy development. He will supervise Post Doc 2 on Stakeholder involvement and participatory processes. Professor David Pisinger will supervise a Post Doc (Post Doc 2) in Linking LTM and TIMES and will in general support the project with his expertise in complex optimization problems. DTU MAN will participate in all WP’s with the main workload in WP2 and 3.