An international research project running in the period 2015-2019. It is partially funded by the Innovation Foundation Denmark.


The COMETS project will deliver tools to ensure energy friendly transport

New tools for analysis combine models for energy systems and transport models and will design the future of energy efficient transportation solutions.Transport accounts for approximately 35% of the Danish CO2 emissions. Therefore, it is essential for
the establishment of a CO2-independent Danish society, that we integrate the development of the transport sector with deep analytical understanding of the energy sector.


COMETS integrates the two existing decision-making and analysis tools in the transport and energy sector and will thus be the first project to bridge the gap between effective infrastructure utilization and the energy grid.


To combine the large amounts of different data and provide recommendations and solutions that are not only innovative, but also directly applicable, COMETS is based on cooperation between a broad group of researchers from DTU Management Engineering, DTU Transport, Roskilde University, University College Cork, Concito, Technology Council , Danish Energy, DEA and E4SMA (Italy).

The COMETS project will actively involve politicians, experts and the public to ensure the relevance of the models and the outlined scenarios as well as ensuring the impact in the planning of future transport and energy.