Project Participants

  Eamonn Mulholland:

Eamonn Mulholland is a post-doctoral researcher with the Energy Policy and Modelling Group in University College Cork. His research focuses on modelling the technical and social side of the transportation sector to inform climate policy at a national and global level assist in long-term decarbonisation."


  Meiken Hansen:

Meiken Hansen is a Post-Doctoral researcher at DTU Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. In the general fields of STS studies, her work has focused on the energy area and the transition towards a greener energy sector. Her previous work investigated the role of household consumers in smart grid experimental projects, as to assess how users are integrated in development activities. Currently, her research explores stakeholder and citizen involvement in scenario planning processes in the Danish transport and energy sector in collaboration with the Danish Board of Technology Foundation.


  Mohammad Ahanchian:

Mohammad received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Energy and Environmental Technologies) from De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines. He is experienced as an energy consultant in energy intensive industries and he lectured mechanical engineering courses for BSc and MSc students. His area of research includes energy system analysis, integrating behavioural aspects into energy and climate policy models, agent-based modeling and system dynamics. He has conducted researches on modal shift, decarbonization pathways for land transport, technology diffusion and the consequences on energy system.


  Henrik Gudmundsson:

Henrik Gudmundsson is Senior Consultant for cities and mobility at CONCITO, Denmark’s green think tank. Henrik is an environmental planner with a PhD in Business Economics from Copenhagen Business School.

Before joining CONCITO Henrik served 10 years as Senior Researcher in transportation policy studies at the Technical University in Denmark. Henrik is a specialist in sustainable urban transport planning and monitoring.


  Jean Paulo Endres:

Jean Paulo Endres is a PhD fellow at the IMT (Institut for Mennesker og Teknologi) at Roskilde University. He works on combined sustainable transport planning and land-use. Qualitative research regarding future trends influencing transport demand. Mobility, accessibility and transit oriented development (TOD) policy implementation.


  Maurizio Gargiulo:

Maurizio Gargiulo is Senior manager and energy modeler of E4SMA S.r.l.. He is the WP2 Leader of COMETS.

He has more than 15 years experience in energy system modelling and in particular with the TIMES model generator. He has been involved in several international activities, collaborating with public and private institutions, on energy model design, implementation and scenario analysis. He is considered at the international level as one of the main advanced VEDA-TIMES experts.

Since 2007, he is delivering worldwide training courses on VEDA-TIMES for ETSAP and E4SMA (as main trainer), and his supporting institutions in capacity building with energy system models.


  Helge V. Larsen:

Helge V. Larsen is the data management of COMETS. He has experience in the following fields: Data collection and management; Databases; Model development; Simulation and optimisation of energy systems; Development of user interfaces to complex models; Programming.


  Jacopo Tattini:

Jacopo Tattini is part of the Energy System Analysis group at the Technical University of Denmark. He is a  PhD student, involved in WP2.

Jacopo holds a master degree in Energy Engineering from Politecnico di Torino (Italy). Apart from the academia, he has also been collaborating with the International Energy Agency. His research interests fall into energy system modelling, decarbonisation pathways for the energy and transport sector, modal choice and electric mobility.


  Olexandr Balyk:

Olexandr Balyk is a Researcher in the Energy Systems Analysis group. He holds an M.Sc. in Economic Cybernetics and a PhD in Energy Planning. Olexandr’s research focuses on development of energy systems optimisation models (i.e. Balmorel, TIMES Denmark, TIMES Nordic and ETSAP-TIAM) and their application to various energy systems and energy policy challenges. His special interests include large scale integration of renewable energy and estimation of wind resources. He has been carrying out research in energy field for more than 9 years. Olexandr Balyk also participates in different teaching and supervision activities at DTU. Most notably he is a responsible for the Master course "National energy system modelling with TIMES".


  Jay Sterling Gregg:

Jay Sterling Gregg has a background in energy, energy modeling, and sustainable urban systems. Jay Sterling Gregg serves as the project co-lead. He is responsible for coordinating the incorporation of megatrends into the energy models. This is done in order to better understand how trends in modal choice, car sharing, fleet electrification, and can impact the future energy system in Denmark.


  Giada Venturini:

Giada Venturini earned her Master in Management Engineering from University of Padova (2014) with a thesis focussing on optimization of container terminal operations and vessels fuel consumption. Her current work investigates feasible and robust technological pathways for a future low-carbon transport and energy system both from a techno-economic and environmental perspective. Her research interests revolve around energy system modelling, transport optimization, scenario and policy analysis within transport and energy. This is not an exhaustive list since she is every day ineffably inspired by the opportunities and challenges of our world and people.