Related Projects

SHIFT = Sustainable horizons for transport

Transforming transport is the next big energy challenge in the Nordic region – not least because the changes needed – will critically affect the entire energy system. This project will develop and apply tools that integrate poorly understood factors – modal shifts, fuel options, new business models and consumer behaviour – into scenario modelling, and carry out in-depth analysis of two key areas: long-haul freight and urban passenger transport. Ultimately, the project will inform smarter transport and energy policy. read more

TIMES-DK = Technical model for IntERACT

TIMES-DK is the technical energy system model of IntERACT, which links economic and technical modelling. The economic model is using a neoclassical computable general equilibrium model framework. 

The aims of the TIMES-DK model are:

  • Building a Danish TIMES model by time containing all sectors. The model should optimise between all sectors to find the cheapest solution while meeting a specific policy target.
  • TIMES-DK will be linked to a CGE model of the Danish economy, so macro economic impacts of energy policies can be measured. read more